Intraport freight forwarding



Port forwarding is one of the most important and complex transport services provided by the freight forwarding company SEALAND Ltd. Our company has extensive professional contacts with all services and departments, both in the port and beyond.

With extensive experience of specialists from the forwarding department and extensive communications,SEALAND Ltd will carry out intra-port forwarding of cargo of our customers in the shortest possible time and low price.

Our services in forwarding cargo in ports:

  • ensuring the loading of containers on board the vessel or unloading into the territory of the port container terminal
  • the organization of the inspection and inspection of cargo in the quarantine, customs, sanitary and veterinary services of ports
  • customs clearance of cargo or container in the modes of transit, export and import and its subsequent posting on the territory of the port and terminal
  • the organization of storage under customs control of cargo in warehouses, warehouses or at the port terminal
  • full control of the movement of cargo or container before loading, for export from the port area
  • if necessary, the unloading of cargo from the container, repacking and transfer to road or rail transport
  • registration of commodity transport documentation for the import and export of cargo or container to / from the port territory

By ordering in our freight forwarding company a port posting service for your cargo, you will minimize the price of intra-port forwarding of container cargo and other cargo passing through the Ukrainian ports of Kherson.