Container cargo handling



One of the services provided by the transport and forwarding company SEALAND Ltd is the transshipment of containerized cargoes in Kherson ports.

Cargo transshipment is unloading from a container received through international container shipping to the container terminal of the transit or import cargo and loading it onto rail or road transport with the subsequent export from the port territory.

The other side of the transshipment (transshipment) of the cargo is to load into the container container the felling complex of the container terminal of the export product of the customer on any type of transport for its subsequent transportation on a sea vessel.

The operations offered by our forwarding company carried out at the transshipment complex:

  • transshipment of cargo from motor transport or railway transport to warehouses of transshipment sites of terminals, with further loading of the container onto the ship
  •  transshipment of cargo from the incoming ship to the warehouses of terminal transshipment sites, with further loading onto vehicles or railway transport
  • packaging and loading of cargo into a container
  • securing the cargo in container containers
  • unloading cargo from a container received for transshipment to the port storage areas
  •  loading onto the road or railway cars of the customer’s cargo