Handling of import and export cargo of various types



The professional activity of SEALAND Ltd includes the provision of stevedoring services, which are the performance and direct control over the quality of work on the loading and unloading of vessels of various types of cargo in the holds and on the deck of the ship.

SEALAND Ltd works on stevedoring rules that regulate the procedure for receiving and processing ships, interaction with the administration of the courts and the terminal. Our company provides services in Kherson for the transshipment of export, import and transit cargo, including oversized and heavy equipment, bulk cargo, as well as containers, etc.

  • loads in boxes, big bags, bales, pallets
  • timber, lumber
  • packaged and unpacked equipment
  • bulk cargoes
  • general cargo

We will organize control over the shipment of any consignment of our client:

  • compliance of the quality of the shipped products with the parameters approved by the client
  • photographing of the samples of the shipped products
  • recalculation of the packages with the signing of the acceptance / transfer report
  • control of packing compliance with the requirements of safe transportation of cargo
  • drawing up the loading plan and control over its observance during loading

Stevedoring and forwarding services include:

  • cargo handling in the port (removal and lifting), setting on cars and railway wagons;
  • storage in the port in open areas and covered warehouses
  • payment of port charges
  • documentation and release for the export of cargo
  • customs support
  • consolidation of cargo into warehouse port areas
  • shipment of containers and cargo by tented cars and railway transport from the port
  • if necessary, the order of customs and armed escort

Competent organization and planning of work, highly qualified staff will allow you to handle your goods in the shortest possible time.

We are confident that our cooperation will be productive.