Barite BaSO4 is a colorless or snow-white barium sulfate mineral that is chemically inert, practically insoluble in water, poorly soluble (even when heated) in hydrochloric acid, slightly (10-12%) in concentrated sulfuric acid.

The industrial use of barite is determined by its physicochemical properties: high density, chemical inertness, ability to absorb gamma rays, whiteness and transparency of some varieties, toxicity of some compounds, etc.

Main applications of barite:

  • Anticorrosive coatings
  • Construction and industrial paints, enamels, primers
  • Powder paints without limiting the type of binder
  • Construction and decorative putties and plasters
  • Plaster to protect X-ray cabinets
  • Finishing materials and radiation-protective materials
  • Friction materials
  • Rubber, rubber and insulating compounds, sealants, adhesives
  • In road construction
  • To obtain a durable and flexible layer of top coatings of tracks at airports
  • Weighting agents for drilling fluids and concretes
  • Special cements, resistant in aggressive environments
  • Electrovacuum and special glasses
  • Protective-acoustic and weighting compositions for synthetic flooring substrates
  • Chemical-wear-resistant self-leveling floors
  • Production of superconcentrates
  • Plastics, including thermoplastics and elastomers, especially not containing heavy metals and vulcanization inhibitors, urethanes and polyvinyl chloride compositions
  • Industrial and architectural waterproof coatings
  • Production of barium salts used in various industries
  • Construction of “burial grounds”
  • In the atomic and nuclear power to protect against radiation

SEALAND Ltd offers its customers class B barite, which is used in the oil and gas mining industry primarily as a weighting agent for drilling fluids. Products are certified in accordance with international standards.

ISO 9001-2000.